We are evolving careers for the next generation of workers

Are you still using the antiquated methods to recruit/find work?

What We Do

We are a technology platform that allows EVERYONE to participate in the "Gig" Economy.
Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence Matching Algorithm will ensure maximum success in our gig matching

2-way Reviews

Our 2-way reviews hold both parties accountable and ensures 110% effort is put in by both parties for the most successful gig completion.

AI Matching Algorithm

Our 25-level AI Matching Algorithm ensures that the right Spotters are matched with the right gig. Through our machine learning user experience, our app can recommend Spotters with a matching percentage.

Digital Resume

For the first time ever, we are compiling a digital footprint of verified references. Through our 2-way reviews, every Spotter now has a digital resume of where they worked, what skills were used and how their manager rated them.

Introducing: The Personal Growth Hub

SPOT is more than just a “one-time job”; we help Gig Workers build the foundations for future careers in industries they are interested in.

Our Personal Growth Hub is the section to track skill development, earn badges for mastered skills and access the Live Learning Centre to earn certifications to access more technical jobs.

The Personal Growth Hub helps our Employees perfect their Digital Resume to become the best qualified candidate for any one-time gig or long-term employment opportunity!

Our Advantage

Traditional Staffing Agencies carry high overhead and charge a premium for on-demand staffing.

On The Spot eliminates these high overheads and pass along the savings to the employer while allowing employees to earn more money at the same time.

Our platform has shown savings of 25% on payroll compared to keeping your own staff members on payroll.

We have also seen savings as high as 50% versus the cost of staffing agencies. 

In both cases, employers have everything to gain.

Interested in learning more?

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NEW: Volunteering Solutions

SPOT’s Matching Making engine is now powering Volunt1er, Canada’s first mobile app connecting volunteers with organizations

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