We're Revolutionizing the Hiring Process.

Our team is changing the way organizations find, train, and maintain their workforces. We’re providing businesses with the ability to manage a flexible front-line workforce, all while providing workers the ability to learn and advance their careers as they earn.

Our Story

SPOT was born out of our team’s own business experience. Over the years, we saw first-hand how difficult it can be to acquire and retain workers. On the flip side, we witnessed the struggles of workers. Many job seekers wanted to work but couldn’t meet the demands of a 9-5, or simply were pushed out of the job market by life circumstances. Eventually, we decided it was time to take matters into our own hands and build an app that would solve the struggles faced by both sides of the marketplace.  

We Believe Work Should Be Accessible to All

We’re working to help employers improve their diversity, equity and inclusion through non-biased hiring practices. We’re also holding businesses accountable to providing accessible opportunities through our accessibility filter and providing inclusive scoring. We truly want to make employment accessible to all. 

Ready to Join SPOT?

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