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SPOT was created out of a need for social innovation to the gig economy in 2019.  We’ve coined it the “Socio-gig Economy”. Now, we’re radically reimagining and making possible equitable employment opportunities across Canada. Using patented technology, SPOT matches job seekers to accessible opportunities and gives businesses the ability to source, manage, and train reliable and flexible workforces at their fingertips.

We are on a mission to help job seekers access opportunities and business find and retain talent in an ever-changing employment landscape. We are SPOT!

Jobs posted to date

meet our team

Image of Darren Perlman

Darren Perlman

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

Darren co-founded SPOT with Daniel in 2019 and currently serves as its Chief Revenue Officer. Prior to starting SPOT, Darren held the position of Director of Operations at Jean Machine where he oversaw the hiring, training and planning of all employees.

Image of Daniel Copeland

Daniel Copeland

Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer

As Co-founder and current Chief Customer Officer, Daniel oversees the technology development and Vocational Service Organization partnerships. Prior to starting SPOT, Daniel worked as a lawyer for the Ontario Public Service.


Christian Rodericks

Chief Technology Officer

Christian Rodericks serves as SPOT's Chief Technology Officer and oversees our technology architecture and strategy. Christian is an executive-level IT data and analytics director who most recently was in charge of security controls for the mobile applications of Recipe Unlimited Corporation.

image of Ryan Chalmers

Ryan Chalmers

Head of Software Development

Ryan serves as Head of Software Development and has headed the development of the SPOT platform since its inception. Ryan oversees product planning, development, and manages the engineering team.

Image of Asher Lichtman

Asher Lichtman

Head of Business Development

Asher joined SPOT in September 2020 as its Head of Business Development and oversees all sales activities and account management. Prior to joining SPOT, Asher spent over 20 years in sales management.

Image of Shelby Aggiss

Shelby Aggiss

Marketing Manager

Shelby joined the SPOT team in January 2021 and now serves as its Marketing Manager . Shelby oversees SPOT’s marketing strategies , execution, branding, media relations, and analytics.


Ryan Hu

Ryan H.

Software Engineer

Aasia Shahbaz

Aasia S.

Community Manager

Image of Ajay Ratoul

Ajay R.

Software Engineer

Gurliv Singh

Gurliv S.

Community Manager

Image of Jesse Lapointe

Jesse L.

Software Engineer

Image of Kevin Hu

Kevin Hu

Software Engineer

Image of Mickey Xiong

Mickey X.

UX Designer


Michael Jia


Image of Samin Shrestha

Samin S.

Community Manager

Image of Abdullah Itagishaka

Abdullah I.

Business Process Analyst


Rachel H.

Business Development Analyst


Taylor J.

Data Scientist

Image of Jonathan Xue

Jonathan X.

Software Engineer


Ameer Asghar

Growth Manager

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