Accessibility using Spot

Our technology is breaking down barriers to employment through mobile app technology that turns unfilled job opportunities into ‘Gig Economy’ opportunities. SPOT’s opportunities do not require commitments and allow for flexible schedules which we identify as two major factors preventing any person with a disability from participating in the labour force when they are feeling able and willing to work.


Job seekers are in charge of their own schedule. This allows them to choose when, where and how many hours they can work. In-flexible work is a huge barrier for persons with disabilities.

Inclusive Hiring

SPOT’s matching AI algorithims match qualified candidates to job opportunities without the traditional hiring biases seen in typical HR practices.


SPOT’s app is available on all mobile devices. Job seekers can search and apply to jobs wherever and whenever they choose.

We’ve partnered with MaRS and CIBC to further enhance our accessibility to persons with disabilities

Through the MaRS and CIBC Inclusive Design Challenge, SPOT will be adding filters to our Gig Opportunities so that jobs can be flagged as accessible for a wide range of disabilities. SPOT’s mobile accessibility, flexibility and new inclusive app design made possible by MaRS and CIBC will allow person’s with disabilities greater access to employment opportunities that suit their needs, creating a higher success rate for persons with disabilities in re-entering the workforce.

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