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What is the Living Wage & how do you measure it?

Spot prioritizes fairness. But when money is involved, being fair can be a complicated topic. At Spot, we protect workers by: Rewarding employers who have inclusive hiring practicesPaying Spot workers within 48 hours of completing a gigInsurance in case of damage or accidentNot charging hidden fees.  In conversations about money and fairness, key phrases include the ‘minimum wage’ and the ‘living wage’.  The minimum wage is the lowest hourly rate that an employer can legally pay their staff. Studies have shown that raising the minimum wage reduces wage inequality. Paying the minimum wage might seem like a good idea, but doesn’t account for the local cost of living or inflation. The living wage…

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3 fair recruitment practices that actually work

Temp work can be cost effective and scalable, but COVID has exposed a harsh reality about temp work: Workers are inadequately protected. Many have either had to work in an unsafe environment or lose their primary source of income. But here's the good news: You can adopt fair recruitment practices and avoid exploitive temp agencies. Here are a few recruiting practices that are worth the extra time and effort. 1. If you want to focus on fair recruiting, offer benefits with a well-being emphasis. When unemployment rates are high, business executives often exploit the labour market. The people who benefit the least are their employees who often don't get benefits, accommodations, or support.…

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3 ways COVID-19 has affected temp work hiring & why it matters.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Yes! The number of temp jobs is on the rise in Canada. Since the Great Recession of 2008, the number of temp workers has risen by more than 50%. During the COVID-19 pandemic, temp workers have been on the frontlines and put the health of themselves and their families at risk. Here are the three most important ways COVID has changed the temp work hiring and employment process. 1. The service industry is employing even more temporary workers According to RBC economics half of all temporary and contract work are in these fields: EducationFood servicesRetail Although the goods sector is suffering, the demand for service industry work is…

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