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How Spot helps Gig Workers have flexibility & a higher quality of life

In 2020, over  3 million Canadians lost their jobs. Meanwhile, the demand for gig workers is increasing, and the competition for work is a lot more intense

Spot’s mobile marketplace technology helps gig workers seeking work. If you’re relying on the gig economy for income, here’s how we can help. 

1) We foster long-term opportunities, not short-term profits

Most gig sites operate on a commission-rate-based business model. Sites such as Upwork and Fiverr take 5 to 20%  of gig worker profits. 

Meanwhile sites like Guru and Flex jobs that rely on membership fees. The average membership fee is $12 to $50 per month. 

On both commission and membership-fee based platforms, gig workers compete for short-term profits. Hours are flexible, but the lowest bidder often wins and gets no income security. 

How we treat gig workers

Here’s what our founder, Daniel Copeland has to say:

“Our app is designed to be deleted. If an employer wants to on-board a worker permanently, they can hire them ‘on the SPOT’.”

After five shifts, employers can hire Spot users with no extra costs. There are no-poaching fees and no hidden costs. 

Attracting the lowest bidder has never been our top priority. Because we’re interested in attracting the workers that are the best possible fit for an organization.

We also encourage employers are kinder to our workers

Tilley, a hat maker that uses Spot App, found 3 employees in only two weeks via the Spot App that are now on full-time contracts. This helped them save an estimated 58 weeks of searching and recruiting workers. Just to give you an idea of how much money Tilley saved, the average cost per hire is $4,000.

Due to our convenient, cost-effective process, workers are treated a lot better. 

2) We put more money in the pockets of gig workers 

Yes, staffing agencies can save businesses time on the recruitment process but, there’s a catch.

Because these agencies are a middleman that takes 20% of an employee’s starting salary. When you work with staffing agencies, you’re no longer in control.

How we do things differently. 

Spot App combines the convenience of a staffing agency with the autonomy of being a gig worker. The real difference is that we take the middleman out of the equation. That way, more money will end up in your bank account and you’ll get full transparency. 

On our platform, you get access to 1,000s of employers in your area. Spot App users who have downloaded our app on Google Play or App Store have commented on factors like:

  • The quick payment system (within 24 hours)
  • The high level of control that they get over who they work with.

3) If you get hurt at work, some protection is available

In spring 2016, a Toronto gig worker described themselves as being:

“A bicycle accident away from financial abyss.”

In the gig economy, stories like these are a common occurrence. Less than a quarter of Canadians with non-standard employment have health benefits.

But here the good news. We provide WSIB coverage.

4) We help you get better gig worker opportunities as you progress

In his TechCrunch article, Ryan Craig made a really good about gig worker support:

“Our focus should be on platforms that help gig workers access higher-skill platforms.”

This principle is so important to us. Spot App users gradually unlock opportunities that suit their goals and interests. 

Our scorecard system: what it is & why it’s good for gig workers.

After each gig, your employer will fill out a detailed scorecard. Our scorecard system provides a visual overview of your most valuable skills. 

It will also help you get valuable feedback on areas that need focus and improvement.

A key part of your success  is our reliability scores system. Because high ratings unlock better opportunities, and good work is rewarded.

For example, an important part of this process is our digital resume system.

Our digital resume system provides a unique access code system that includes:

  • Your references
  • Your skills
  • Your reviews
  • And your job history. 

With the unique access code system, you can share your experiences with anyone. Employers can see your accomplishments, and you can access even better opportunities. 

After you complete multiple gigs, are active on our platform, and have a great rating you will become a “power Spotter”. 

Once this happens, our algorithm will suggest a surge premium for employers that need skilled, reliable help.  

With our Personal Growth Hub and Learning Management System (LMS), you can learn while you earn. With our platform, you can upscale your job development along with future career paths. 

Because all Canadians should have a valuable toolkit for their future career.

When you sign up for Spot, you’ll get an inclusive platform for Canadians seeking new opportunities. With us, you’ll find work fast that can lead to full-time gigs.

 If that sounds awesome, we’re happy to help you find your next opportunity

Spot Team

SPOT App has revolutionized the hiring process giving employers easy access to SPOT’s new socio-Gig Economy, giving full control over managing a flexible workforce. Combined with our proprietary Learning Management System, SPOT is the mechanism for workers to "Learn while you Earn".

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