Want to make some extra cash?

SPOT is the ultimate gig platform that allows you to pick up a side hustle, fill in empty months with a contract position, or find full-time employment.

Whether you are looking to be in control of your work schedule, or wanting to pick up some extra hustles on the side; the Gig Economy gives you the autonomy to work for who you want and when you want.

Through SPOT, you will not be constrained to working for a staffing agency, but rather exercising control over your workload and taking on a higher salary by cutting out the middleman. Build your portfolio with access to 1000s of employers in your area for an on-demand, just-in-time staffing gigs ranging from Retail to Brand Ambassadors to Warehousing and everything in-between. Your success is in your own hands, which means the harder you work, the more success you will find.

You take pride in the quality of your work. You are a Spotter!

4 Easy Steps to Becoming a Spotter

  1. Download the SPOT app via the Apple or Google Play store and create your account.

2. Complete your secure and confidential ID check to confirm you are eligible to work in Canada. 

3. Browse gigs available based on your location and apply! No resumes needed. 

4. Complete gig and get paid by direct deposit into your bank account within 5 business days. 

Spotter Testimonials


Missisauga, ON

“I just wanted to let you know Tilley has offered me a full-time position at their company, thanks to you and I have accepted. I should start with the company on Monday. I hope you are willing to keep me on file for future opportunities for I think this is a partnership that I would love to continue. It was a pleasure. Thanks again.”


Markham, ON

“Great job opportunities and fast pay! Amazing for part-time work, very easy and fast process. Payment is fast! Can’t wait to do more gigs!”


Barrie, ON

“Even if you are old or new here, it doesn’t matter, this app can really help you find work without much hassle. It can be a life saviour. A big and much appreciated thanks to the creators!”

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Perks of being a Spotter

After you finish your gig, your pay will arrive via Interact E-transfer within 5 business days. There are no hidden fees or holdbacks so the pay that you saw before applying to the opportunity is 100% what you will receive. 

Geo-targeting gigs allow for you to decide how far you are willing to travel to work.

Choose your hours of when you work. Whether you want to supplement your current job, or do this full time; you are in full control of your SPOT schedule.

After each gig, a detailed scorecard is filled out by an employer. Get valuable feedback on what you do well and what areas need focus and improvement. Use the Spot Platform as the toolkit for a successful future career.

Keep track of the skills that were used at each gig. Get a visualization of which skills you use the most, and what skills employers value most about you

Get exposure to multiple industries and get to test out jobs you would normally not want to commit to. Don’t like a certain industry? Never have to work in it again and remove it from your gigs.

Combine your reviews, skills and job history into the first verified Digital Resume from SPOT. Get a unique access code to share with anyone which will include your references for each gig completed.

Earn badges for completed gigs to build up your digital resume, while allowing employers to see your achievements.

SPOT has all the necessary insurance policies in place to protect you while working an opportunity through our platform. Rest assured that we have the proper WSIB coverage as well as additional layers of coverage to protect you!

Become a power Spotter with the best rating, lots of completed gigs, and active on the platform to have our AI matching algorithm suggest a surge premium for employers that need immediate, reliable, skilled help

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