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How Flexibility Can Attract Top Talent For Businesses

Let’s face it, businesses are struggling to attract talent. Restaurants, retail businesses, and hotels all across the world are unable to operate at max potential. Out-of-stock items and barren shelves are the result of global supply chain disruptions. The ongoing massive personnel shortage has only become much worse due to the pandemic. Accordingly, it is generating service disruptions to countless businesses. With all of these roadblocks, how can businesses find and retain talent in this complex employment landscape?

Flexibility as a solution to attract top talent

With job vacancies reaching their peak during COVID-19, employers have chosen creative ways to attract talent. One of the most successful methods is offering job flexibility. This is evident in a survey done by SPOT where 96% of our Spotters cited work-life balance and flexibility as a crucial part of their job satisfaction.

Flexibility ranks high in job satisfaction

Another survey done by Stats Canada in 2012 found that 79% of employees with flexible work schedules were very satisfied with their jobs compared to 73% of those with inflexible work hours.

Encouraging Flexibility at your workplace can:

  • Allow employees to work from home (if possible) which can improve morale and reduce stress
  • Amplify trust and dedication at the workplace as a result of a positive work-life balance, which can boost productivity
  • Attract talented employees that have different routines than the traditional 9-5 work hours
  • Increase employee retention as to many, job satisfaction is more important than a higher pay grade

It’s easier than you think to begin implementing flexible employment practices within your business. Find out how SPOT can help you implement this initiative and how it’s already successfully helping businesses attract top talent through a flexible approach.



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