Hire the best people. Only when you need them.

No strings attached.

Hiring is not what it used to be – gig work has taken its place!

It takes months to hire someone and often, they leave far to soon. SPOT solves this by getting the right workers for whatever task you have – with none of the red tape.

Simply put; we’re a marketplace for short-term opportunities so that you can recruit as needed, when needed.

  • No commitments. 
  • No need for advanced schedules.
  • No need for payroll deductions.
  • No need for recruiting/interviewing.
  • No hidden fees.

There is also no fee if you want to hire the Spotter full-time or part-time onto your payroll.


We’ve designed SPOT to ensure the most inclusive hiring practices possible. Everyone gets equal opportunity.

What is inclusive hiring? It’s all about holding employers to higher standards.

By providing an inclusive hiring score, organizations can measure the impact of their efforts. If your organizations score is low – you can use our AI matching algorithm to improve.

By incorporating CSR initiatives into staffing with SPOT, companies will get a better reputation for sourcing staff responsibly.

No more shady or predatory staffing agencies.

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