High quality trained warehouse and logistics workers within minutes.

This is what SPOT is designed for

Your operations are an integral piece of the supply chain. If someone quit last minute with no notice, or an employee calls in sick you’re left up a creek without a paddle. For that day (or days) the productivity of your whole operations goes down. Not to mention, your costs may even go up. You may have to pay other workers overtime to pick up the slack. You also may have to pay high agency fees for a temp worker.  You’ve got a job and you need it filled ASAP.

We have created a user friendly mobile technology that will allow you to fill a job in as soon as 18 minutes with a skilled worker! Don’t believe us? Read on and we’ll prove it to you.


How Are We Different From Traditional Hiring?

At SPOT, our philosophy at its root is ease, precision, and personalization. This means our main goal is to help you hire workers as needed. And to hire with ease, precision, and personalization, without committing to costly agency fees.

We understand finding an employee to fill a position on short notice is a challenge. Not to mention the current staffing solutions available often lead to frustration, high costs, and a reduction of your output. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. At SPOT, we’ve revolutionized the process. We’re leveraging our resources to provide you with the best bang for your buck staffing solution. We connect you with a pool of pre-vetted candidates looking for work opportunities.

New Technology

SPOT leverages new technology to help you cut high overhead costs.

Affordable Prices

We have a below-market fee structure. This guarantees that you connect with skilled employees in the most affordable way possible.

No Poaching Fee

We waive poaching fees and buyout fees, meaning you won’t have to pay us a dime when hiring workers.

Hustle Free

With Spot, you also avoid the hassle of dealing with employee benefits and termination issues.

No Middle Man

You hire your dream worker without having to deal with any middleman.

Flexible Contractors

Our workers are independent contractors. Spot ensures that you’ll always have access to workers while giving you flexible and full control over your workforce.

No Commitment

Use us or don't use us. We don't require any commitment and no contracts.

No Administrative Burden

Creating a job posting is simple and easy, with no administrative burden. We've curated a process that's as simple as online banking.

24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 phone support and full guidance through the posting process. This way, you can simply and confidently focus on finding your Spotters!

SPOT Contractors Are the Way To Go, Here's why:


At SPOT we value transparency with our clients. For this reason, we are constantly re-evaluating and trying to improve the user experience. We eliminate the need for third-party and bureaucracies between job-seekers and employers. With that, we understand you might have some concerns with hiring a SPOT contractor.


If you have questions like:​

How can I trust these employees?

Will the workers show up, are they on time?​​

How do I know they're actually qualified to do the job?

We Got It all Covered!

How can I trust these employees?

We don’t expect you to go into this hiring process blind. We have thoroughly vetted all the contractors in our database. Additionally, the Spotter’s have complete flexibility and control over their schedules. Because of this, workers are motivated and ready to work when they’re hired.  We have a reliability score just shy of 100%. So, you can trust that our perfectly matched spotters will show up and complete the job on time while meeting all your standards.

Part of our company’s purpose is to ease the connection between employee and staff. We’ve achieved this in the most hands-off way possible while still providing a reliable environment for our clients. Our process isn’t built off of the lowest bid structure. We’re cultivating a network of amazing and skilled employees that are the best fit for your job.We’ve also broken down some of the traditional barriers when it comes to hiring.

On SPOT you can see what skills a SPOTter uses the most often in other Gigs they’ve worked. Additionally, you can see all of their experience and skills right away. You see reviews and a digital resume with verified experience. And, you see a picture of the actual employee so you know the right person has showed up for the job.

Will the workers show up, are they on time?

Spotter’s are independent contractors so if they agree to do a job it’s because they actually want to. Our SPOTters have a level of motivation that not all temporary employees have. This reflects in our fill,  attendance, and completion rates. We have reached a 98%  fill rate AND 99%  attendance and completion rates. Not to mention, out of 1200 shifts, only 4 times has a Spotter been sent home because it wasn’t a good fit.

All of this is a direct result of our operational approach. We’ve adopted processes such as instant pay so employees don’t have to wait weeks to be paid.  We’ve implemented a Learning Management System (LMS)  for training & onboarding. This keeps employees interested and upping their skill level. Also, we’ve integrated an employee-employer matching algorithm. This allows you to be as involved as you want in the hiring process. Be hands on or hands off, it’s completely up to you.

How do I know they're actually qualified to do the job?

At SPOT we follow a rigorous process for hiring. This includes pre-vetting workers gathered from reliable employment sources such as Employment Ontario, Centre For Social Innovation and Agilec. SPOT vetting efforts are focused on selecting the most educated and skilled workers to become Spotters. This ensures our database of contractors full of workers to meet all your needs. We don’t stop there though. All SPOTters also have access to our personal growth hub and digital resume. This allows spotters to continuously upskill while they’re earning income.  

 We don’t just want to just be a job board, we want to give workers the opportunity to learn while they earn. So our SPOTters stay driven and can always up their skill set. That way when you use SPOT to fill a position, you know the workers are gaining expertise and skills so they can do the job better. Spotters are also reviewed after each Gig so they can get feedback on areas of improvement and their most useful skills to employers.

Replacing a Full-time Employee is Costly & Time Consuming


On average it takes 23 days to find a replacement for a full-time employee. You need to keep productivity up while finding a permanent replacement. Being able to conveniently fill that position is crucial. SPOT is made to be as user friendly and streamlined as possible. This means you can find a temporary fit whenever and wherever you need.

No Buy-Out

Don't forget, if your SPOTter is the perfect fit for a position you're trying to fill, you can hire them on full-time after 5 shifts. No poaching fees, No Buy-Out.

Risk Free & Easy

This is a game changer compared to traditional temporary employment options. If a Spotter is exactly what you're looking for not only do you have a risk free trial of the employee, you also cut the time it takes to hire a new employee down significantly. Find out what a SPOTter is made of, and hire them on the SPOT. It's really that easy.

Low Cost

That's not all, the cost of replacing a full time employee can run you a pretty hefty bill. To hire internally it takes an average of $20,000. External hiring isn't much better with an average cost of $14,000. Find a worker with SPOT that fits your needs, fits your work atmosphere, and you don't have to pay any additional fees to hire them on.

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Convenience is a Catalyst for Productivity

We understand that your time is valuable. That is why we are designed with the convenience of the user in mind. SPOT is a conduit of workers. We pride ourselves on matching skillful workers with employers to meet their on-demand staffing needs. 100% of the hiring process can be completed online or through our app. In 5 quick and easy steps:

Create a Gig

View applicants & their in-depth profiles

Select your SPOTter

Receive real-time updates

Review & Pay

Skilled Workers Ready for Work

You’ll have skilled, ready to work contractors in less than a day - making your organization more productive and efficient! Creating a Gig on SPOT is easy and intuitive but we also walk you through the process so you know exactly how. You can also repost previous Gig's so you don't waste time creating new Gig's each time you need someone to fill the same position.

Convenience and efficient

Convenience and efficiency go hand in hand. So, we've created the option for you to auto-hire roles if you want to save time. By selecting this feature you don't have to manually sift through applicants. We auto-fill the role with the most qualified SPOTter that suits your needs. This is a huge time saver when you have a huge logistics or warehouse team to co-ordinate on a daily basis

AI Matching Algorithm

We don't stop there though. We've created our app with travel time in mind. As a result, if you post a Gig Spotters will be notified based on their Geo-location. We push out you're job posting to the closest skilled workers first and keep moving out in 5km ranges until a SPOTter fills your position.

Interested in learning more?

SPOT completes everything in the initial hiring phase so you don’t have to. As mentioned earlier, all of the warehouse and logistics workers in our database are thoroughly interviewed and vetted by us. This way you know you’re getting someone qualified and ready for the job right away. As a result, you save both time and money during the hiring process. You can also rest assured that the workers you hire are trained, reliable and capable of completing the work required.

We don’t keep you in the dark. You’re updated every step of the way so you know exactly what’s going on with your Gig listings. And you  can be as hands on or handsoff in the selection process as you need. 

With the use of SPOT, the employer is in control. Agency options lock you in with minimum hour and wage requirements. We don’t. You have total control to use us whenever you need us and set your hours. We also don’t have any hidden fees or hold backs, so what you pay you’re SPOTter is what they’ll get. Additionally, you have the choice to manually select the applicants(s) you want to hire. We made this process simple and easy through the in-depth profiles of workers on SPOT. The profiles also have a profile picture attached so you know who you’re hiring and you know the right persons turned up for work.

 Whenever you need us, we’ll be right here for you. We also offer 24/7 phone support where you can talk to one of our representatives. You should never have to wait to get issues sorted out. We provide assistance immediately without having to wait for hours or even days for a response. 

We don’t automate our customer service either. With full support from a real person. At SPOT we make sure your questions are answered in whatever you’re preferred way of communication is. If you prefer to talk to a real person instead of through email or voicemail, we’ve got you covered!  You never have to wait for responses which can lead to confusion and a delay in getting your Gig’s filled. At SPOT, we make sure your questions are answered.

Here at SPOT, we understand that finding quality hires can be difficult from both the front end and the back end. Endless contracts and certifications are required from the employees all before they can even step foot into the workplace. We also understand that

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