Let SPOT help your organization
Recruit, Manage and Engage


Schedule on the fly

Post Volunteer Opportunities as they arise. We will keep your schedules organized and up to date.

Advanced Reporting

Our toolkit includes a dashboard with advanced reporting to give you an intimate look into your statistics. 

AI Matching

SPOT’s Matching Algorithm will ensure that only the best volunteers are put forward for you to choose for your gig.

Get access to unlimited volunteers

Our database of volunteers will provide an endless amount of new volunteers to expand your brand recognition and reach.

What Organizations are Saying

I now have access to a database of volunteers that allows me to allocate more time to other initiatives for my organization

linda mccartney

The 2-way reviews are a real value-add to the volunteer lifecycle; I can now give them real-time feedback, and they can return the same to me.


My volunteer needs are very erratic and SPOT helps me recruit last minute volunteers with very short notice.

victor garberl

“Before SPOT, I would need to plan my volunteering 2-3 weeks in advance. It was very hard for me to commit to more than 1 organization and I felt that I wasn’t maximizing my impact within my community. SPOT allows me to volunteer at an endless amount of organizations and there are always last minute opportunities I can pick up. This technology has revolutionized how I volunteer.

About us

SPOT’s matchmaking technology is the power behind Volunt1er, Canada’s first mobile app connecting volunteers with opportunities.

Our Vision

Maximize volunteering within our communities by making the experience easier and more meaningful

Our values