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Why Temp Agencies Are Bad

The allure of using temp agencies is strong for employers across the globe that seek vetted staff without all the administration, right? right?

While 63% of the GenZ population in Canada now participate in the Gig economy, we already know that temp agencies damage the career of the actual people brought in. 

Whether it be fair treatment and representation (source), predatory practices against workers, or even just the negative stigma attached to moving between different jobs and businesses (source). 

But what about the employer’s experience? Here are the facts.

1. The temp agency typically charges its client’s business roughly twice the worker’s hourly wages (source).

You heard that right. In a world where the middleman is being cut out & costs are being reduced by technology in every sector – employers are still effectively paying double what they need to be for temp work. 

Double.. with zero benefits to the workers themselves. In fact, they tend to earn 25% less as temp workers when going through temp agencies versus that of permanent workers. 

Businesses that use technology to fill their employment gaps will immediately create an advantage for themselves as we see the people migrate away from the antiquated temp work systems.

2. Currently, it takes an average of 18 days to hire even a TEMP employee in today’s temp agency business model.

Not to mention, temp workers work for the agency, not for your business. They are the ones that will recruit, screen, hire, pay and even dismiss the worker. 

The fallout is that workers that are introduced through an agency are not loyal to their temporary role, but place energy into pleasing the agency. 

It just takes far too long to get good people into your business via the temp agency route. Even once they have arrived, there is very often a poor fit with an unqualified individual – which leads us to our final point. 

3. Temp agencies select candidates for your business, not you.

More often than not, especially with blue-collar work, they’ll choose a square peg for a round hole. In today’s world, we have more choices at our fingertips than ever before. Amongst these choices, we have ample reviews and ratings of products, people, and services. 

So, why does the same not apply to temporary staff? If your Uber driver is pre-vetted by thousands of other people just like you, why does the same not apply for staffing needs? Not to mention the bloating of CVs and fabricated work experience that we see so often in the workforce. 

Temp agencies make their money on placing as many people as possible, in as many shifts as possible. There is no quality guarantee and there is low incentive for it.

Spot App is specifically designed to counter all these problems. How?

  1. We only charge 25% and have 0 staffing overheads.
  2. Spot App, on average, will have a temp worker ready for your business within an hour
  3. You select your candidates, 

Spot App will locate the closest and most viable workers to you, already pre-vetted and rated by other businesses. Plus, you can actively view their work experience within our product. 

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